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Pinoy Guide to SEO

Why Bloggers Needs SEO? I made this post to answer all pinoy questions regarding SEO, who is still doubting about what is SEO, what is the benefits of SEO to your blogs? what is the main reason why we need to apply SEO on our blog? and Why SEO is a must to maximize earnings?

The word SEO means Search Engine Optimization.

google search seo
By the word “Search” this refers to the process when we are looking for something in google like bags, gadgets, accessories, restaurants, hotel, information, and other products and services.





google machine seo

By the word “Engine” this refers to a machine. Sites like, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are called Search Engines. A machine has an algorithm, and the algorithm has a pattern or a formula. In order for a machine to  keep up with the technology it needs to update and yes, Google updates once every few months and so do their patterns and formulas. This is the reason why SEO technique always changes and innovate.





daily pinoy seo


By the word “Optimization” this means an ongoing development process. Since With this you should understand that SEO is not a one time process, like you’ll do SEO now and then you’re done BOOM! Easy-Peasy!. Well, you’re wrong, because SEO needs to be done daily, weekly or monthly whenever you have the time, of course it’s much better if you can do this every often.

Knowing that Google updates every few months you should also understand that some of the techniques might or will not work anymore. But, Thankfully we have the SEO Experts, Masters, Researchers and Analyst they’re the one who uncover the secrets and help us keep up with the latest SEO trends.



Now that you have an idea of what is SEO lets proceed to the next topic.

Why Use SEO?

Let’s say you have a business site and you’re selling a product or a service. But, you’re not using SEO, chances are you might still get a little bit sales from loyal customers, patrons, and friends. Why is that? Because without SEO you are not using the full potential of your website.

Using SEO means you’ll be getting a lot of potential customers from the search engines and it can be thousands of people everyday depending on your SEO efforts.

For example, I’m searching for a bag and I’ll be using a keyword “chip bag for men” and search it on google, if your website has a product about bags for men and you luckily have those keywords on your site and applied SEO on it, then there’s a higher chance that your site will appear in the first page result of google after I hit Enter using this keyword. These means I will visit your site and might purchase your products.

This SEO process applies to everything, not just in products or services but to everything.

Another example, if you’re passionate about recycling things and you have a blog post with a title “How to Recycle Soft Drinks Can.” Then when people that is having a problem of disposing empty cans, will try to look for a solution and search it on Google “how to recycle empty cans”. If you’ve applied SEO on your site I guarantee that your site will appear in the search results.


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Basically, SEO is the process of making our Pinoy Blogs and Business sites more visible in Search Engines. With SEO you are likely to get more visitors, more traffic, and more money. But, without SEO you can consider your website as a small fish in a very deep and vast sea without somebody noticing it. Harsh isn’t it? Yes. Because no matter how good your content and how valuable it is if you’re not applying SEO on it, only few people will see it or worst no one will.

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