how to seo blogger 5 tips

How to SEO Blogger Tips

If you’ve read my previous post on What is SEO & Why Blogger Need SEO? Then lets proceed on How to SEO Blogger. This is very easy and fun, it’s the very basic of SEO that you need to familiarize and do on a daily basis. This might sound hard and complex but the truth is its very easy to understand. Just remember that SEO Blogger is comparable to watering your garden, without it your blog will not grow.

1. Be Passionate

Especially to your niche, If you really do like your niche, you’ll never get bored and encounter problems in the future. You will also find happiness whenever someone reacts and interact with your post. But, the main reason why I want you to be passionate about it is because if you like what your doing you can always come up with new ideas in making a post and apply blogger SEO on it.

2. Use Keywords

Whenever you’re making a post, at least add Keywords in your Title and Content. If you don’t have ideas on what keyword to use. I have one simple way to get a SEO Blogger keywords. By Using “” auto suggestion.

Below I’m planning to make a post about freelance. After typing “freelance” a list of suggestions will automatically appear below you can get keywords from it. Those are the keywords used by many people while searching, and it will likely be used again by many people who sees it.

Now use it in your Blogpost Title and Content Like the image below.

3. Optimize your Images

Just use an image that is related to your target keyword, then rename it and add your keywords on it. Then you can also add caption if you like, of course, use your keywords as much as possible. But don’t over do it.

rename image seo  add image caption seo

Since Blogger is outdated compared to WordPress you must do this manually. This is called Image Alt Attribute and you can do this by following my instruction below. After inserting the Image, go to HTML Editor and add this code:  alt=”your keyword” observe the image below where I inserted the code.

alt tag image seo
I use notepad sometimes because the blogger “html editor” is an eyesore to me.

4. Backlinks

Many will not get this easily but I hope with my presentation you can understand this somehow.

back link seo

Backlink happens when BLOGGER1 added a link of YOUR-SITE in his/her website post.

By doing this Backlinks, Google will see your Website as a good site because somebody is linking to you. Google now will think that your site deserves to rank up a little bit.

backlink seo 2

Now What happens if BLOGGER1, BLOGGER2, BLOGGER3, and so on, Added your link on their website? What will happen? Of course you will keep getting higher in ranking.

Basically, It’s similar to celebrities, the many the fans they have the higher ranking or more popular they’ll get.

Note: Latest SEO Blogger studies show that Google only counts high quality site backlinks. High quality sites are sites that has been online for more than a year and its already a well established site, meaning it also has a ton of backlinks as well.

backlink seo 3

The Question is How or Where can we find High Quality Websites? And If ever we find one will they add our Websites links that easy?

Luckily, the answer already there and we are using them already, They are the social media. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Googleplus, and many more!

You might want to check this related backlink topics and resources:

5. Internal and External Links

Internal link is the links in your Post redirecting to your other or previous post. It will boost your SEO a little, and will also help your other post to get more views and readers.

External Links are when you’re adding a link of someone’s site to your post. Just like what I did above. Google sees it as positive because not only we are dedicated in our post, we are also adding links to help our readers understand and help them find what they’re really looking for.

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