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1 new cheapest hosting for beginners

Hello!!! In this post, I cover 5 reliable hosting with a short review for beginners. A little experience as a guide and what they mean to you as a website owner. Discussed the actual price and estimated costs if you’re starting a website with them to assist you with your decision making.

If you are low on budget, not yet sure about your blogging career, and to minimize your expenses is a factor. Then this post might be the answer and the one you’re looking for.

I am almost 7 years in my webmaster career. Currently managing 2 websites. In this career, I made few friends that are still running their websites successfully and the former website owners.


Most of them started their websites and blogs due to their excitement and impulse and spend expensive amounts for their websites. Some were inspired by their friends and got interested. While some were enticed by the advertisements and enticing profits.

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Not knowing about the responsibilities and factors in running a website.

So the ending is…

  • They have very few content and never got new ones because the owner finds it hard to regularly make good quality posts.
  • Some have tons of posts but not getting visitors, comments, and good results, the website owner got disappointed and abandoned it.
  • Having good contents and decent visitors but the owner has abandoned it due to it’s not earning enough and didn’t meet his expectations.

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So what?

My point is since you’re a beginner or not yet 100% sure about committing in running a website or blog. Why would you choose expensive web hosting providers, when you can start running your website at a low cost and can keep up with those big hosting companies?

But, First I will introduce the four biggest Hosting Company that I’m familiar with and then the Hosting that I am using and recommending to everyone and the reasons why I recommended this new cheapest hosting.

1. Hostgator Hosting

hostgator cheapest hosting for beginners

HostGator is one of the recommended hosting providers by everyone. It’s a beginner-friendly, has a lot of features and service.

Hostgator Price Range is $2.75 to $10.95 per month.

Estimated Costs

Basic 12 Month Price: $5.95 x 12 = $71.40
Domain name: $9 to $12
A total of $83.40

2. InMotion Hosting

inmotion cheapest hosting for beginners

InMotion Hosting is one of the most reliable web hosts that experienced bloggers and webmasters trust. Arrogant with their great features such as SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free domain name as well.

InMotion Hosting price range is $7.99 to $9.99 per month.

Estimated Costs

Basic 12 Month Price: $8.29 x 12 = $99.48
Domain name: Free
A total of $99.48

3. BlueHosting

bluehost cheapest hosting for beginners

Bluehost is one of the senior in the web hosting industry. Bluehost is also one of the famous brand names that you’ve probably already heard. And Yes! They’re officially recommended by WordPress as hosting provider.

BlueHost Hosting price range is at $3.95 to $5.95 per month.

Estimated Costs

Basic 12 Month Price: $5.95 x 12 = $71.40
Domain name: $8.00 to $12.00
A total of $83.40

1and1 Hosting

1and1 cheapest hosting for beginners

In 1&1 Hosting spend just $12 to get a web hosting from one of the biggest website hosting providers in the world.

Estimated Costs

Basic 12 Month Price: $1.00 x 12 = $12.00
Domain name: Free
A total of $12.00

Honestly, this one might be great for beginners, but what happens after your first 1 year?

Basic 12 Month Price: $9.00 x 12 = $108.00
Domain name: $15.00
Overall total for renewal is around $123.00!

5. Rank-Host Hosting (Recommended)

In Rank-Host Hosting you just need to spend just $24.96 to get a web hosting package similar to the popular website hosting providers in the world.

The Rank-Host features below are not that far from the popular hosting company that I mentioned above.

  • Free Domain Registration
  • SSD Disk Space 5GB
  • Bandwidth 500GB
  • Free SSL
  • Spam Experts
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Setup
  • Backup Manager
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee

Estimated Costs

Basic 12 Month Price: $2.08 x 12 = $24.96
Domain name: Free
Total of $24.96 only!

Visit Rank-Host.com

1 New Cheapest Hosting For Beginners this 2019

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