how filipino blogger earn money

4 Proven Ways How Filipino Bloggers Earn Money

how filipino blogger earn money

There are thousands of Filipino people in the Blogging industry. Some of them are very famous now and already making a living from Blogging. While some are not that successful but still earning enough.

So, how Filipino bloggers earn money?

Below is the list of proven ways of how Filipino earns money from Blogging.

But, First of all, I just want to make this clear Filipino blogger earn money but it’s not as easy as a cup of tea. It might take 3-6 months before you can actually see your first earning. It also depends on your dedication, passion, and commitment.

Fact: Also, out of 10 only 3 bloggers stayed and successfully monetized their blogs.

Here are some of the few reasons of why Filipino Blogger fails:

  • People thinks once they’ve established their blog it will start earning.
  • They easily get disappointed with the negative results.
  • Too impatient with positive results
  • Gets discourage by negative opinions.
  • No specific time frame for blogging.

Now let’s continue to the topic, Below are the list of the proven ways of how Filipino bloggers earn money from blogging.

1. Advertising Networks

Advertising Networks is also known as ad-networks its a platform that serves as broker between publishers and advertisers.

Publisher/Bloggers will secure an ad-space on their websites then ad-networks will provide a code for that ad-space.

Advertising Networks space Ways Filipino Bloggers Earn Money
Sample of Ad-Space in Publisher’s Website

Advertisers will now avail advertising packages on the Ad-networks. Then the advertisement will show on the ad-space provided by the publishers.

adnetwork filipino blogger earn money

Once a visitors of the site will click on that advertisement it will automatically generate income for the publishers.

Below are the most popular Ad-networks for Filipino bloggers:

adsense filipino bloggers earn money

Google Adsense – offers cost-per-click (CPC) based ads. Since it is owned by one of the biggest organization “Google” be sure to follow their strict guidelines to get approved.


Infolinks – offer in-text ads, overlay ads, banner ads, in-screen and in-frame ads and you can choose the ones which you want to display on your website.


Revenuehits – has a variety of ad formats you can choose from, to place on your website and gives instant approval. (Perfect for Starters)


Propeller Ads – offer CPM, CPA, and CPC ad programs and real-time reporting for all the ads. This makes it easy to track the performance and earnings easily.  (Perfect for Starters)


Bidvertiser – is an old, yet trusted ad network which offers so many types of ad formats that it becomes easy to choose the types which suit your blog well. 

2. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate program are features of merchant websites that enable members to sell their products and services and you get commission whenever a successful transactions is made. Merchant will provide a unique url/link called affiliate link or sometimes called referral link.

sample of affiliate links Proven Ways Filipino Bloggers Earn Money
Sample of Affiliate Links

Then you will promote the merchant product and services and include that affiliate link.

Commonly used in Product and Service Reviews. By creating a blog post about a specific product stating your feedback, texture, packaging, effects, etc. then just insert the affiliate link anywhere in your post.

Whenever someone clicks that affiliate link they will be redirected to the merchant websites and if they buy something you will earn the commission.

3. Freelance Blog

Freelancing is one of the best career for people who want to work from home. If you are skilled enough then you can make a blog to promote your portfolio and attract more clients.

But first, you’ll have to market your freelance blog through social media. Eventually, your happy clients will refer more clients to you.

Below are some of the best freelance job available.

freelance graphic designer

Freelance Graphic Designer – This is in demand now especially that most of the businesses are engaging online.

Here are of some popular Filipino Graphic Designer that I always idolize.

freelance web developer

Freelance Web Developer – If you’re skilled in web development and designing. You just have to design and code a website, make a demo and published it on your blog.

freelance content writer

Freelance Content Writer – It doesn’t matter when you started or how many visitors you get – the fact that you have a blog with a high quality content eliminates the question of experience.

freelance photography

Freelance Photographer – It’s one of the most popular freelancing jobs. They’re mostly needed for celebration and occasions such as wedding, birthdays, reunions etc.

freelance video editor

Freelance Video Editor – They’re also in demand now especially now that video bloggers also known as Vlogger are increasing daily.

4. Donations

It’s not very common and has no guarantee to financially sustain any blogger, but some people use this option to support their blogging expenses.

Most of the successful bloggers that earned a lot from donations is very rare one of them is Jason Kottke making a living from donation from his blog.

However, there are many factors that you should consider before adding a donation button on your blog.

  • Too many ads will make you look very greedy.
  • Having many loyal readers, followers, fans, and subscribers.
  • Useful and helpful contents might play a big roll as well.
  • Life changing – having such a strong effect that it positively changes one’s life.

Below are some effective lines in attracting donation:

“If you find my blog valuable in any way, please consider giving whatever you feel is appropriate “

We rely on your donations to carry out our mission to keep the site open and free.

If you find any joy and value in what I do, please consider becoming a Sustaining Patron with a recurring monthly donation of your choosing, between a cup of tea and a good lunch.
4 proven ways of how filipino blogger earn money

2 thoughts on “4 Proven Ways How Filipino Bloggers Earn Money

  1. I don’t think this is specific to Filipinos at all. This is how every blogger makes their money. It’s hard getting donations but everyone will put up a donation button anyway. Same goes for affiliate programs. It’s difficult to get people to sign up for things or buy things using your link. People are always so skeptical of clicking on random links so they typically avoid links that have extra characters on them like
    Don’t even get me started on running ads. lol AdSense and other programs like it are another difficult way of getting income from a blog. People usually avoid ads and they do it by installing an ad blocker. Very hard making money blogging if you don’t sell advertisement spots or guest posts on your blog.

  2. Have you considered adding reviewing products in a blog for money? It’s just a thought and I think you have listed a lot of the main ways for a blogger to try to make a living and you’re right that dedication makes a difference. As with any type of business endeavor you have to go through hard times and stick it out before you might see a result. There are no real shortcuts.

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