4 Sizes & Format of Green Business Layout For Free

4 Sizes & Format of Green Business Layout For Free

Green Business Layout For Free

Just want to share my new project Green Business Layout. It has a simple yet modern style of layout with a little bit touch of nature. The idea is from what I’ve seen in the past month, I saw a group of students with a campaign on saving the mother earth, I saw their hand made posters and got Inspired from it. I hope that there are businesses or organizations that will use this banners to help and push their campaign for the nature.


Green Business Layout Formats:

  • PSD – For Photoshop Editors.
  • TIFF – For Photoshop and other advance photo editors.
  • PNG – For Advance and Basic Photo Editors.
  • JPG – For Advance and Basic Photo Editors.


Green Business Layout Sizes:

  • 728×90 px – Leaderboard
  • 300×250 px – Inline Rectangle
  • 120×600 px – Skyscraper
  • 468×60 px – Banner



Maybe you’re wondering why PNG & JPG is blank its because in that formats it will be hard for you to edit it with my sample text and messages on it. I made it blank so you can just add your own words and messages using other photo editor softwares like Paint and etc.

Also, please note that I don’t own any of the materials such as the font and the forest photo. I can’t afford to buy materials yet so I’m still using free copyright photos and fonts. Rest assured that you can use all of this for your business to promote your product and services.



Green Business Layout Free Download:





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