Amazing SEO basics for Philippines Websites

Amazing SEO Basics for Philippines Websites - Filipino Bloggers and Website owners

Just want to make a quick guide to all Filipino bloggers and website owners who wants to learn SEO and the basics of SEO.

This post covers the following:

  • Meaning of SEO?
  • Why we need to do SEO?
  • How to Implement SEO?

What is word SEO Means?

The word SEO means Search Engine Optimization:

  • Search
  • Engine
  • Optimization.

By the word “Search” this refers to the process when we are searching for something in Google.com like “Latest Model of…“, “How to Setup….“,
What is the meaning of…“, “How to install..

By the word “Engine” this refers to a machine. Sites like Google.com, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are called Search Engines. A machine has an algorithm, and the algorithm has a pattern or a formula to process and find the most related websites with the information that your looking for.

In order for a machine to  keep up with the technology it needs to update and yes, Google updates once every few months and so do their patterns and formulas. This is the reason why SEO technique always changes and innovate.

By the word “Optimization” this means an “the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource.” This also means SEO is an ongoing development process.

SEO is not a one time process, like you’ll do SEO now and then you’re done. Well, you’re wrong, because SEO needs to be done daily, weekly or monthly whenever you have the time, of course it’s much better if you can do this every often.

Why we need to do SEO?

why we need to do seo basic philippines

Let’s say you made a website for your business and you’re selling a product or a service.

But, you’re not doing SEO, chances are you might still get a little bit sales from loyal customers, patrons, and friends but not the people who browse and search on the internet.

Next, You made a blog about your cooking, posting and showing your cooking skills, recipes, and unique cooking styles.

But, you ignore SEO, chances are you might still get a little visitors from your friends and family but not the people who browse and search on the internet.

Why is that?

Because without SEO your website has very small chance to appear in the Google search results. Not unless you have thousands of followers in social media.

Doing SEO means you’ll be getting a lot of potential visitors/customers from the search engines and it can be thousands of people everyday depending on your SEO efforts.

How to do SEO?

how to seo basics philippines

Actually there are many various ways of doing SEO. Below are the most important SEO actions that you must do. But I will not elaborate them because that is way to long.

  1. Submit Your Website to Google Search Console. Then add each of posts links in the “Search Bar: Inspect any URL.”
  2. Check Your Page Speed Insights. They will give you guides on how to make your website load faster.
  3. Finding the right Keyword. These are the group of words that people use to type in Google Search.
  4. Applying the Keyword to your posts: Title, Subtitle, Content, Image Name, Image Alt Text.
  5. Internal Links. This is the process of inserting your older blog posts to your content.
    • For example: Inserting this word in your posts.
      • You might want to read my related posts here. https://mrdangem.com-how-to-seo-blogspot (sample only)
  6. Large Content. Your posts should have at least 500 to 1000 words its way more attractive compare to other blog posts with very few words.
  7. Link Building or Backlinks. This is the process of leaving your website URL/Link to other websites.
    • It could be by posting a comment on some blogs and add your website URL/Link.
    • Submitting your website to “Website Directory”.
    • Adding your website posts to “Social Bookmarks Sites” like reddit, fliboard, etc.
    • Sharing your posts to “Social Media” like facebook, Instagram etc.
    • Leaving your link on your Youtube description.


Basically, SEO is the process of making our Blogs and Business sites more visible in Search Engines. With SEO you are likely to get more visitors, more traffic, and more profit. But, without SEO you can consider your website as a small fish in a very deep and vast sea without somebody noticing it. Harsh isn’t it? Yes. Because no matter how good your content and how valuable it is if you’re not applying SEO on it, only few people will see it or worst no one will.

Your Turn!

Well I Just want to ask some few questions:

Are you going to start SEO on daily basis?

Or maybe you want to optimize site Site Speed First?

Amazing SEO Basics for Philippines Websites Pinterest

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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