Aspiring Graphic Artist, Blogger, & WebMaster

Dangem Graphic Artist Philippines

My name is Dangem Piodena, Aspiring Graphic Artist, Blogger, and Webmaster from Philippines.

About me

I like reading manga/novel and watching anime. I started to like and grab online opportunities when I was in high school. I’m a family-man now with one little pretty angel.

It’s not my first blog yet my English is still not improving. LOL, I’m not an English Major or have taken a degree on Journalist so you may encounter some mistakes in grammar. Rest assure that I will do my best to minimize those errors. (Grammarly I’m counting on you.) XD

So let’s see now if we have some shared interest in common that we could talk about. I’m friendly and always open to making friends online. 🙂

My Achievements

Finishing my BSBA Major in Marketing Management is an Important achievement for me.

Next is during my college days, I was the former owner of PinoyFused.com an online community for Filipino. During that time the minimum daily visits of my site is around 2000 visitors per day.

The site earns $100 a month which is a very small amount compared to others. But to me, during that time as a student, it was more than enough. With my basic SEO understanding my Alexa Rank reached 190k-200k which is very hard to achieve now.

I lost PinoyFused.com because I became unsure of my goals and some personal stuff.

Lastly, one of my best achievement are the fruitful results and experiences in the field of Get-paid-to (GPT), paid-to-click (PTC) and high-yield investment programs (HYIP).

What I Love to Share

I am an aspiring graphic artist. LOL! So I’ll probably share some tutorial or useful stuff from my photoshop basic skills.

Since I’m managing a different kind of websites for a while I would love to share my knowledge and experience from it.

I’m also going to share the things I’ve learned from my experience of opportunities online.

of course for you to know how to earn money online, to get a better start, to know the basics, and to minimize the risk of getting scammed.

My Blogging Purpose

Blogging is what I dreamed before that I have been longing to do, but I lack the courage to do so because of my English. Now here I am starting my first step to fulfilling my goal despite my poor English. LOL!

Getting In Touch

Please don’t forget to join in my Facebook Group so you’ll be updated on my new posts and to stay in touch you can email me at my contact page.

PS. I’m interested in reading other people’s blogs, so if you are also blogging, let me have a visit at your blog and I’d love to drop my opinions and get to know you too!

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