isla reta talicud island
Isla Reta Beach Resort, at Talicud Island

This post only has pictures and selfies I didn’t cover the amenities, foods, and prices, etc. I just want to share some of the views and a little travel guide in going to Isla Reta at Talicud Island.

First I just want to show some of the beautiful scenes of Isla Reta. It’s like a paradise and the air is very clean, white sand, not to mention the clear coast and the mesmerizing blue sea that will make you say “This is life”.

clean sea shore and a clear blue sea.
Some rock formation and mangroves beside the sea shore
crystal clear swimming area.
Everywhere is a beautiful spot for picture taking

The Mistakes & Guide

Destination is Isla Reta a beach resort found in Talicud Island next to Samal Island, together with my wife and a friend we commute and board a Jeep from Davao City Hotel to Samal Ferry Port also known as “Sasa Wharf”. Then from there we take the ferry to Samal.
Fare from Davao City proper to Sasa Wharf:

  • Jeep: P10.00 to P15.00
  • Taxi: P150.00 to P200.00
  • Ferry: P10.00 to P20.00
Passenger seats of Ferry, the ground floor are for vehicles.

From Samal Ferry Port it takes almost an hour again before we arrived at Samal Port Terminal.

Arrival to Samal Port Terminal

The Samal Port Terminal, from here we got the revelation that we made a big mistake from the motor drivers. They’ve explained to us that we should have to take the Santa Ana Pier to Talicud Island which is the fastest way to our destination the Isla Reta Beach Resort.

Santa Ana Pier to Isla Reta

At first, we felt very disappointed with the people we asked and the information we gathered from the internet. But, we don’t want to ruin our day, so we ask the motor drivers on how to go to Isla Reta.

At first, they’re hesitating because the path is a very long way so they suggested trying other tourist spots. Because we are still determined they agreed later on to take us from Samal Port Terminal to Kaputian Port.

Samal Port Terminal to Kaputian Port and to Isla Reta
Snack time!!!
Selfie with my wife!

From here we waited for almost an hour because the banka will not go until the passengers seat is full.

Welcome to Isla Reta!!!


Find the Nearest Hotel at Isla Reta


We should have taken the trip from Santa Ana Port to Talicud Island instead of Samal Ferry Port. Still, we didn’t regret it the views along the way is superb and very beautiful we still enjoy it and make fun out of it.

The point here is we should have gathered more information and a reliable one. Also, whatever happens, don’t let your mistakes ruin your day and instead make fun out of it. If only I’ve taken pictures and recorded our laugh on those moments I could say that it’s one of the funniest and happiest moments of our travel.

dolores tropicana beach resort gensan

Good day everyone! Just want to share the beautiful views from our family bonding at Dolores Tropicana Resort last September 5, 2017. Also, I would like to share tour guides on how to go to Dolores Tropicana Resort. We had a great time here and this place is one of the most visited beach resorts in Gensan.

Great View: 10/10

nice spot for grilling.


Beautiful cottages with the touch nature!


Selfie! – Sorry for ruining the view. LOL


Beautiful cottages with the touch nature!


Maintenance: 9/10

The following are the people I found doing some maintenance. Which is actually good for a greater experience of tourist and people who wants to have fun and enjoy the beauty of the beach!

repainting the cottages. ^_^


repairing the cottages ^_^


Cleaning the area. 🙂


Sign boards: 9/10

I’m not sure why I’ve taken pictures of the sign boards. LOL



Bath/Comfort/Dressing Room: 6/10 It’s tiles and clean but lacks of shower and some necessary stuff.

Open Shower: 3/10 Most of it is not working, shower faucet damaged, and some has no water pressure.

Life Guard: 10/10 Always alert and observing people.

Pool: 5/10 its only for children.



From City Proper Instruction:

1. Go to Kimball Terminal near Friendly Mart or Papaya Street Corner P.Acharon Blvd.

2. Look for Tricycle that’s looking for passenger going to Tambler. You can ask Tricycle Drivers about it. Most Gensan Tricycle drivers are very friendly but still there are a few drivers that is hot-tempered and pasaway.

*Tricycle in Gensan can accommodate up to six (6) passengers, excluding the driver. (Read more about Philippine Tricycles)

3. Once you found one, Tell the Driver that you’re going to “Tropicana Beach Resort”. The fare range is from P25.00 to P30.00 pesos each.

*If you are in a hurry and want to go directly to the destination you can just tell the driver “Pakyaw” means you will pay for all of the 6 passenger seats. The fare range will be around P150.00 to P200.00.


Here is a Map to Tropicana Beach Resort if you don’t want to commute.

Landmarks that you will see in the road:

  1. Savemore – Mini Mart
  2. Jollibee Calumpang
  3. Police Station 5
  4. Fishport Complex