My favorite christian quotes

My Favorite Christian Quotes

The graphics might look bad compared to others, I just want to practice my graphic designs skills and at the same time express how these short verses and quote-messages inspired and motivate me in my life.

I also hope that with what I’m doing somehow I can help people get some, inspiration, encouragement, influence, and wisdom.

If you find it inspirational and touching please leave some comments and share it to your friends and families.

I really like this quotes because it resembles my relation with my wife. Actually we used to express it before through words and messages. But, then we realize that its more romantic if you do it thru actions and being true to one another.
Photo By Ben White at Unsplash.
Photo by Warren Wong at Unsplash.
Photo by Alexei Scutari at Unsplash.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Christian Quotes

  1. I love the verses you’ve chosen and the very top graphic is really beautiful the way you have it laid out even though the background is subdued it still strikes the heart. The way you’ve played around with the type, size and such, makes good use of grabbing the eye when reading making certain parts stand out. It can be hard sharing what is in your heart for the world to see and the scripture you’ve chosen will be a blessing to others.

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