Uyyy!!! Pinoy Foodie Romantic Funny Quotes

Uyyy!!! Pinoy Foodie Romantic Funny Quotes

Just want to share some of old and nonsense quotes that might be romantic for our love ones to make them happy and feel that they’re special.

It might be absurd and corny but I tend to use some of this until now to my wife. Though she’s not that happy but her smile is enough to complete my day.

Girl: masarap talaga pag mamahalin.
Boy: pero mas masarap kang mahalin.

Photo by Jason Leung at Unsplash.

Girl: mukhang mamahalin dito hon?
Boy: okay lang, mas mahal naman kita.

Photo By Thomas Le at Unsplash.

*Super Market*
Girl: Love ang mahal na ng mga bilihin.
Me: Okay lang yan love mas MAHAL naman kita.

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