Rank-Host.com – Social Media Banners

I really love this hosting company! Aside from the very affordable price its feature competes with the big hosting company. The support is awesome as well very friendly and respectful especially to their valued clients.

To visit their site just check this link: https://mrdangem.com/rank-host.com

I made these banners as gratitude for their great services. If you like their services as well you might want to share these banners to support them. Thanks!


These banners above with plants was made with the intention of showing a growing website. A readable header and of course the logo for branding.

rank-host hosting provider banner

This banner above was made with the intention of center focus of the word Management which is very interesting for website owner. Once again with the Logo for branding.

In this banner I made it with different colors but this one is my liking. The intention is to make a remarkable pricing for cpanel shared hosting, Also I didn’t add the logo since the price is intended to be the signature of the hosting company.

You might want to check my quick-review and comparison about rank-host.

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