Very Simple Pinoy Protein Recipe #1

Very Simple Pinoy Protein Recipe #1

Good day everyone, just want to share my Simple Cheap Protein Recipe or Budgeted recipe that is rich in protein for people who want to engage in bodybuilding and to especially in lose weight like me.

This is actually what I prepare for my lunch and I like it because it’s fast and very easy to prepare. At first, the taste might be odd it’s like your eating a perished rice. But later on, you’ll start to like its taste.

At first, I’m not a believer of eating this and that to get a good shape and maximize the results of bodybuilding. All I have to do is give more effort in the gym.

Then one time I saw someone in the gym, Base on my observation his body is not yet developed. While I obviously have better muscle development also I found that his not giving so much effort in the gym so I just thought that his just there for a little exercise.

But then after a month, I saw a big difference in our muscle development I was very curious because every time I see him his not always giving his all. so I eventually asked him if he does work out at home aside from the gym. He said, “no” he has just taken some high protein foods. He actually shares the recipe to me but the preparation sounds difficult because it needs to use blender and cooking, then blender again and so on and should prepare in the evening and be eaten in the morning. WTF.

Since then, I started to search for the effects of eating more protein for bodybuilding and confirmed that is very effective.


  • Quaker Oatmeal – 5 tables spoon.
  • Milo NutriUp – 1-2 pack 24g. (why this? Because it’s for adult and rich on protein)
  • Banana or Apple – 1 pc
Very Simple Pinoy Protein ingredients


  1. Preheat electric stove. (or any cooking tools.)
  2. Add the Quaker oatmeal to the pot followed by Milo Nutriup.
  3. Add 1 1/4 cup of hot water.
  4. Mix it well.
  5. Heat it in the Electric stove for 3-5 mins. (note: don’t cover the pot to
    prevent overflow.)

Finished Product

Very Simple Pinoy Protein Recipe

Forgot the add the banana in the picture. You can slice it up and add it as toppings but I prefer not.

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2 thoughts on “Very Simple Pinoy Protein Recipe #1

  1. Do you know how many grams of protein this provides? With the fiber from the oatmeal I bet it’s a very filling meal to hold one over as well as repair muscle from workouts with the protein. I wonder if adding cinnamon as a seasoning will help with the flavor if you don’t want to add the banana to it. I like oatmeal but need more flavor to enhance it and I’ve never tried the Milo Nutri-Up but it sounds like you found something that will really help people who want to build muscle and lose weight by upping their protein amounts.

    1. Thanks sir Lam, that is a good idea since workout are most of the time painful we should at least feel happy on the diet food that we eat.

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